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Save $10 per month by bundling Spectrum Voice with Internet or TV.



  • TV SELECT for $59.99 per month
  • +
  • Spectrum Voice for $19.99 per month
  • For a year when bundled.


  • Internet PLUS $44 per month
  • +
  • Spectrum Voice


  • Crystal Clear Voice Quality

Enjoy Value Added Features with Savings

Voice Mail

Voicemail acts as your personal answering machine to easily leave a message.

Call Waiting

Never miss important calls again, get a beep during a call if you are already on the phone.

Caller ID

Get the caller’s ID and Phone Number displayed on your phone’s display unit.

Repeat Dialing

Select to continuously dial a busy number until you are through with an alert.

All Call Forwarding

Forward your phone calls to another number & never miss important calls.

Selective Call Forwarding

Select a specific group of contacts and forward their calls.

Block Anonymous Calls

The Block Anonymous call feature takes care of unknown numbers.

Block Unwanted Callers

Block Unwanted Callers helps you get rid of unwanted calls.

VIP Ringing

Assign unique ringtone to a particular number so you can identify the caller without seeing their ID.

Speed Dial

One touch dialing to program up to eight phone numbers to dial with a touch of your finger.

Accept Selected Calls

Receive calls from numbers you designate, other callers will get message they are not receiving calls.

3-Way Calling

Spectrum Voice’s 3-Way Calling lets you simultaneously call to other users.

Call Waiting with Caller ID

With Caller ID in waiting you don’t need to guess who is on the other side.

Voice Online Manager

The Voice Online Manager feature lets you manage your home phone

Readable Voicemail

Get the option of receiving audio files and full transcript of voice mail message in your inbox.
*The savings is claimed based on non-promotional pricing.
** Speed for the internet is compared to 3 Mbps DSL connection.

Free DVR can change; for new customers only; need to have Triple Play. One year price for TV Select, Voice, and Internet is $89.97 per month. The standard rates will apply after 1 year. Free DVR Service is only available for one year and standard rates will apply after the first year. Equipment is required and extra; the availability of channel and HD depends on the level of service. INTERNET: The speeds of available internet may vary with address; there is no additional charge for modem. VOICE; price includes Taxes and Fees. Costs for other equipment, taxes, fees, installation and surcharge may apply. Service is not available in all areas. Restrictions may apply. Enter your address to know about availability in your area.

Cost for Spectrum TV Select + Spectrum Voice + Spectrum Internet is $29.99 per month for one year, when bundled.

Bundle price is $89.97 per month for Year One & $109.97 per month for Year 2. Standard rates will apply after 2 years. Qualifying Bundle includes Spectrum Internet (100 Mbps) and Spectrum TV Select, and Spectrum Voice. TV equipment extra and required. Internet modem is needed and included in the price. Price includes phone taxes, surcharges, and fees; other surcharges, taxes, fees, installation, or equipment may apply.

Spectrum Internet + Spectrum TV Silver + Spectrum Voice = $109.97 per month for one year when bundled.

Year 1 Bundle Price $109.97 per month & for Year 2 $129.97 per month. Standards Rate applies for 2 years. Qualifying Bundle includes Spectrum Internet, Spectrum TV Silver, internet speeds start at 100 Mbps, need Spectrum Voice & TV equipment. Internet Modem required and added to price. Oher applicable charges may include installation charges, fees, taxes, & surcharges.

Spectrum Voice + Spectrum Internet for $64.95 per month for one year.

Bundle price for Year 1 $64.98 per month. Standard rates will apply from Year 2. Qualifying bundle has Spectrum Internet with speeds to start at 100 Mbps & Spectrum Voice. Includes and needs an Internet Modem. Other applicable charges may include installation, fees, surcharges, and fees.

Contract Buyout Information

The customer needs to submit the copy of the final bill from previous provider including early termination fee (clearly marked) in addition to Contract Buyout Form to qualify for the Contract Buyout Program. A final check of bill not exceeding $200 will be emailed to your Spectrum Service address upon receipt and verification of eligibility. Charter must receive Contact Buyout Forms within 60 days of installation of Spectrum Triple Play, or within 2 weeks of the date listed on competitor’s final bill statement, whichever date is later. You can download the Contract Buyout Form at

©2018 Charter Communications, Inc offers are only valid for limited time period. Standard rates apply after promotion to qualifying residential customers who did not subscribe for applicable services in the last 3 days and have no outstanding obligations towards Charter. Standard Rates will apply after promotion. TV equipment is required and extra. Charter Internet Modem is needed and included in the price. Price also includes surcharges, fees, and phone taxes. Other charges for equipment, fees, taxes, installation, & surcharges may apply. Prepayment, major credit card, or credit approval may be needed. App services are subject to applicable terms & conditions, which may change at any time. Trademarks belong to the respective owners of the intellectual property rights. Services may not be available in all areas and restrictions apply.

Customers need to have Lease of DVR Receiver. Only new customers will get Free DVR when bundled with TV, Phone, & Internet. DVR Service for 1 Receiver Free for Year 1. DVR Service for 2 to 4 Receivers discounted to $9.99 only for Year 1. Standard Service Fee will apply after one year and services are not available in all areas, restrictions apply.

For utilizing Free Office Exclusions, you need to purchase standard Trip-Play package. You cannot combine it with any of the Single or Double Play upgrade offers.

1 Trip Play Savings – the comparison is based on non-promotional Pricing for Spectrum: Savings of $233.86 for first year, compared to DVR service on One TV, One-time.